Portrait of the artist

Hi, I'm Becca Lee, the Haunted Librarian. Welcome to my library. Here I collect, create, and sell my haunted art.

I'm a fully self-taught comic artist, though I've been making comics since I was eight years old. I used to fantasize about being a famous comic creator, and a lot of my fantasies involved parties being thrown in my honor, with expensive cakes in the shape of my head served to all my guests.

That has yet to materialize, but I still consider myself on the path to success (and hopefully cake).

My educational background is in English literary history and creative writing, though I have a broad familiarity with art history as well. I love all things ecclectic and terrifying, but deep down I'm a softie who loves ghosts and books and secrets. 

I hope you find something you like in my collections. Maybe something here will find a new home in your own library. Maybe not. Either way, I'm glad you're here. I hope you are, too.

With love,

Becca Lee, the Haunted Librarian